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WG2 Work in progress

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Insularities : fragmentation and connectivity in the Mediterranean region, a social and biological perspective

- Coordinateurs : Battesti Vincent, Ben Souissi Jamila, Lejeusne Christophe, Richard Franck.

- Objectif : Comprendre l’impact sur la biodiversité de l’insularité des îles vraies, grottes sous-marine, sommets de montagnes, ports, oasis.

Objectives : To understand how Mediterranean biodiversity is related to insularity (e.g. “true islands”, but also oases, submarine caves, ports, mountain tops, and valley), at different multi-scale ecosystem levels (e.g. from gene to species, or community and agrosystem level), from an integrative, both social and biological, perspective.

- Glossary for Insularities : a work in progress…
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