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Yildiz Thomas, |Research Director at CNRS , at THE CENTER FOR FUNTIONAL AND EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY (CEFE), UMR 5175 in Montpellier. Yildiz THOMAS is an ethnoecologist and anthropologist, presently, Head of the Biocultural Interactions Team (IBC) at CEFE. She is the Director of the RESEARCH GROUP (GDR) Mosaïque (Domestication and Innovations, Agroecosystems, Agrobiodiversities and Environnement), 3353, INEE and is also a member of the Task Force of IPBES on INDIGENOUS AND LOCAL KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS (ILKS)|

Virginie Baldy, Professor at the Aix-Marseille University, member of the Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology, UMR 7263 in Marseille. Virginie BALDY is an ecologist, and her current research focuses on biodiversity-functioning relationship in Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems under climate change. She works particularly on the recycling of organic plant material and the factors influencing it, especially plant biodiversity and soil organisms involved in the decomposition process. These questions are addressed especially from a chemical ecology point of view.

Yildiz Thomas and Virginie Baldy are the Co-Directors of the BioDivMeX program for INEE-CNRS ]

This program is also managed by a steering committee :

Steering committee
First NameNamee-mailInstitute
Bertrand Schatz CNRS
Vanina Pasqualini Vanina PASQUALINI Université de Corse
Thierry Perez CNRS
Samuel Robert CNRS
Chantal Aspe Aix-Marseille Université
Laurent Bouby Université Montpellier II
Wolfgang Cramer CNRS